photo of Roy Bookbinder Roy Bookbinder

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Roy Bookbinder is one of the great American blues men, an extraordinary storyteller, and a fingerpicking treasure who learned directly from the historic originators like Reverend Gary Davis, Pink Anderson, and Robert Lockwood. Roy is a bare-knuckle, low-down, lifelong musical vagabond and national icon.
His shows are inspiring, entertaining, fascinating, hysterically funny, and filled with the knowledge, talent, and history that made him a national star since the Greenwich Village folk scene exploded in the '60s.
Bookbinder has toured with Bonnie Raitt, Hot Tuna, JJ Cale, and Arthur Big Boy Crudup. He's taught at the Fur Peace Ranch with Jorma Kaukonen, been featured on a PBS special, and interviewed on Fresh Air with Terri Gross. It is an honor and a gift to feature Roy this Fall.

The Kennedys

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PETE & MAURA KENNEDY are celebrating over two decades of upbeat, idealist and passionate acoustic overdrive, with a heavy reliance on early rock, catchy arrangements, powerful anthems and seamless harmonies. Maura holds down the rhythm and most vocals, while Pete propels the arrangements with outstanding lead work on the six-string acoustic guitar, a 12-string Rickenbacker electric guitar, and some profound work on the ukulele.
Their music radiates influences from Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, The Everly Brothers, Aaron Copeland, Roger McGuinn and Pete Seeger.  Pete cut his musical teeth backing up Mary Chapin Carpenter, and they met in Nancy Griffith's backup band. The Kennedys have headlined every major folk festival across our continent, and more smaller venues than one can possibly count - and they are perennial Folk Project and Minstrel Concerts favorites. They will supercharge our stage, our workshops, and our Getaway with their winning ways and the joyful exuberance of their music.

photo of The Kennedys
photo of Burning Bridget Cleary Burning Bridget Cleary

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Burning Bridget Cleary is a thrilling, talented, inspired and heart-pounding Celtic band with a growing reputation and a growing league of fans. Their captivating sound, crackerjack fiddle work, tightly-woven harmonies and engaging stage presence have made them one of the hottest young acts on the circuit.
Rose Baldino, Amy Beshara, Lou Baldino and Peter Trezzi provide the vocals, fiddles, guitar and percussion. The band has earned a reputation for presenting their high-spirited music at festivals, concerts and music series all over the Eastern U.S. and Ireland, and now they're bringing their Celtic pow to our weekend of magic and music.

Harvey Reid and Joyce Andersen

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Harvey Reid and Joyce Andersen - Like every great musical marriage, their performances are so much more than the sum of the parts. Their talents are awe-inspiring and eclectic, a showcase for his world-class guitar arrangements and for her wonderful vocals and fiery fiddle. Getaway fans, brace yourselves. You're in for the full-throttle thrills and heart-pounding happiness that comes when the finest of musical talents grace our stage and workshops.
Harvey is a National Fingerpicking Guitar Champion, an International Autoharp Champion, winner of Bill Monroe's Beanblossom Bluegrass Guitar Contest, a renowned author and recording artist, a versatile and engaging singer, powerful lyricist, prolific composer, arranger and songwriter, a captivating entertainer and a multi-instrumental powerhouse. He is an acknowledged expert and early proponent of the partial capo.
Joyce's fiddle styles - grounded in her classical training - are a powerful mix of bluegrass, jazz and Celtic. Her solo performances are fearless and groundbreaking - a mix of looped electronic fiddle, lush vocals, and take-no-prisoners talent. She's a 20-year road warrior with a number of solo albums to her credit. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the real deals.

photo of Harvey Reid and Joyce Andersen
photo of The Honey Dewdrops The Honey Dewdrops

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"Gorgeous harmonies, thrilling arrangements, and some remarkably insightful, honest writing." That's what Sing-Out Magazine has to say about The Honey Dewdrops. Laura Wortmann and Kagey Parrish are songwriters in the traditional vein of backwoods and mountain roots music. They've captured the soul of the South with their tight harmonies, clear melodies, directed lyrics and traditional instrumental backup. You'll be instantly drawn deep into their simple mix of rolling guitar rhythms, lilting clawhammer banjo, the occasional longing of a tasteful dobro, and the heart-wrenching blend of two evocative voices in the truest of love.
After a touring and headlining festivals and shows around the country, Laura and Kagey settled in Baltimore, Maryland and issued their 2012 album Silver Lining, a Top 10 Recording on the national Folk and Americana radio and internet stations. Every so often Getaway old timers exclaim, "Why haven't I heard of these fantastic performers before?" This is a first-ever Project performance for The Honey Dewdrops, but we expect to hear their praises sung by all us for quite some time.

Nick Page

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Nick Page is one of the New England’s leading song leaders, composers, choir conductors and musical authors. He’s a gifted singer who has collected folk songs and tunes from around the world. Nick is an enthusiastic and imaginative choral conductor with a special knack for the audience sing-along. He’s an inspiring teacher who teaches teachers at universities and schools everywhere on the art of getting audiences to participate in song. He’s an accomplished playwright of musicals and the author of numerous books on singing along.
Nick Page is a match made in Getaway Heaven, perfect for our community. Prepare to sing on steroids – oh, but without the steroids.

photo of Nick Page
photo of Chrissy Roberts Chrissy Roberts

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Chrissy Roberts is a Jersey singer songwriter and guitarist with three CD's to her credit, including her newest one Handcrafted. Her work as a pediatric occupational therapist inspired her to make a movement CD for kids called Kid Notes. Her songs can be found on Spotify, iTunes, etc. She is so happy to be participating in the Folk Project and the Acoustic Getaway.
Every Getaway, our entire community nominates one of their own to be a featured performer at a main stage concert. This time we chose Chrissy. Great choice.

Betsy Rose & The Chicago Fire

Betsy Rose honed her vocal attitude and musical sensibilities in one of the roughest neighborhoods Chicago could conjure. Somewhere amidst the gunfire, gambling and barrels of cheap booze and expensive threads, Betsy found her voice – a pure, direct and sincere blend of the bawdy and the blue, the torrid and the cool, the mean and the loving. If moxie, sexy and sass ever had a lovechild, it would be Betsy Rose.
The Chicago Fire is a band of devoted music professionals and ne’er-do-wells who are entranced by Betsy’s mojo and have abandoned their past lives and homes to bask in the shadow of her spotlight and maybe catch a wafting wisp from a fling of her feather boa.
Betsy Rose is Elizabeth Lachowicz, Getaway’s beloved registrar and a past Folk Project president.

photo of Betsy Rose