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New Jersey Uke Fest Presented by The Folk Project

August 25–27, 2017, Whippany & Morristown, NJ

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Beginning Blues for Uke - Manitoba Hal Beginner

This tutorial is designed for beginning ukulele players and beginning blues players. I use the key of C and the chords C, F, G7 and lead the players through a basic 12 bar blues progression including shuffle patterns and the turnaround. The participants play through the entire workshop and learn little tidbits of theory as it applies to the blues and the ukulele. Players only need to know those three chords and have a basic ability with strumming and changing chords. Handouts are available.

Choice Cuts of Chord - James Hill Intermediate/Advanced

What is the single most useful ukulele skill? It's not triple strumming or double thumbing or sight reading or claw hammering. No. In my view, it's knowing your chords from the inside out: knowing each note in your chords on a 'first-name basis.' This workshop (taught by a vegetarian, no less) teaches you to see chords the way a butcher sees a cow: you gotta know the choice cuts. Sound weird and esoteric? It is! But once you get the hang of it you'll use it every single day of your life.

Fingerstyle Uke Exercises - Jim Boggia Intermediate

Want to take your uke palying to the next level? In this workshop students will learn right-hand exercises and ways to alternate them to play melody lines.

Group Play-Along - Mark Dutton All Levels

The leader of the Morristown Uke Jam will facilitate this group play-along culled from the Morristown Uke Jam's songbook of favorites.

Lyricism and Line: How to Make the Ukulele Sing - James Hill All Levels

Explore the lyrical side of the ukulele. In this workshop students learn to play chord-melody arrangements of beautiful melodies such as Spring Song (Mendelsohnn), Slumber Song (Schubert) and Streets of Laredo (Trad.). Discover subtleties of left-hand fingering and right-hand fingerpicking and how these can make (or break) the lyrical qualities of the music. A workshop full of musical delights and ukulele insights.

Open Jam - FiL Wisneski All Levels

Head spinning with all the new uke info you've learned today? Take a break and just play at this open jam facilitated by local jam master FiL Wisneski

Slide Tricks and Tips - Manitoba Hal Intermediate

This workshop focuses on more advanced playing techniques. Particularly the use of a slide on the ukulele to expand the sonic palette of the instrument. In this workshop we will learn proper slide technique including muting, melody line playing and use of open tuning to make chord changes easier. This workshop is more intermediate and requires a solid basic understanding of the instrument, a slide and works best on a ukulele utilizing a low G tuning or a baritone scale. Attendees will need to bring a slide with them to the workshop.

Songwriting - Christine DeLeon All Levels

An interactive discussion about the tricks and tools you'll need to be great songwriters. We'll look at the rules then learn how and when to break them. For those of you who attended this workshop last year, we'll keep it interesting by analyzing new songs and changing the writing exercises.

The Beatles on 4 Strings - Jim Boggia All Levels

Who doesn't love the Beatles? In this workshop students will play through several Beatles tunes, focusing on chords and strumming.

The Jazz Toolbox for Ukulele - Victor & Penny Advanced

Learn ways to augment simple chords and chord progressions to add color to your playing. You'll also learn useful tips on arranging tunes for ukulele using substitutions and alternate voicings for common chords.

The Many Sounds You Can Make With Ukulele and UBass - Members of Cousin Earth Intermediate

This workshop will break all the stereotypes of ukulele as Joey Calfa explains how he turns an ukulele in to an instrument of rock, funk, bluegrass, progressive music, and much more. Calfa's grasp on the ukulele encompasses advanced alternatives to the style most people know on the uke. This workshop will feature everything from finger-picking and tapping techniques to a walkthrough of Calfa's extensive effects rig. Included in this workshop is a feature on the UBass, and how it can also be used in a rock'n'roll music setting.

Ukulele 101 - Curt Sheller Beginner

Noted ukulele teacher Curt Sheller will take beginning ukulele players from square one and set them on the path to musical happiness! In this workshop you’ll create a solid foundation of basic open position chords in a few common keys using simple two and three chord congs, establish a solid rhythmic foundation for strumming as well as learn the four famous basic strums. As well as learn efficient right and left hand technique, - as nothing really happens unless your fingers can actually pull all this off.

Ukulele As a Rhythm Instrument - Victor & Penny All Levels

Want to play more confidently and musically? Erin McGrane and Jeff Freling of Victor & Penny show you the difference between just strumming along and driving the rhythm. Learn simple but effective strumming techniques and delve into the styles of swing, hot jazz and gypsy jazz. Rock steady rhythm is the backbone of every good song so jump on the train!

Note: Workshops subject to change.