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Blues for Ukulele - Curt Sheller Intermediate

Explore the chords, notes, scales, and feel of the Blues on ukulele.

Fingerpicking for the Beginner - Rachel Manke Beginner

Learn techniques that are excellent for slower songs and adding an instrumental break in your songs. If you've felt intimidated by the idea of picking, this is the class for you.

Funk Up Your Strum! - Mark Dutton All Levels

Go beyond the basic strums! Learn tapping, plucking, slapping, chucking, arpeggios, zed chording, the fan strum, and more!

Great American Songbook - Christine DeLeon Intermediate

Learn standards from American popular song's golden era.

Group Play-Along - Mark Dutton All Levels

All hands on deck as the leader of the Morristown Uke Jam facilitates this group play-along culled from the Morristown Uke Jam's songbook of favorites.

Hey! It's about Ragtime! - Rachel Manke Beginner

It's in the rhythm, it's in the style, and we'll sit and rag for a while. We'll talk style and learn some good tunes. We'll learn ragtime rhythms, how to apply them to strumming and some songs in the style.

Irish Music for the Uke - The Lords of Liechtenstein Intermediate

Killarney and Kailua-Kona are over 7,000 miles apart, but we're bringing them together in this workshop! Join us as we sing and strum Irish folk songs on ukulele..

Jazz Chords on Ukulele - Curt Sheller Advanced

Explore the Big Six 4-part "Jazz" chords on ukulele. With the principles of chord construction and knowledge of the ukulele fingerboard, you WILL be able to create ANY chord you come across just from the name. From these six chords you'll never be at a loss looking for that individual chord you need.

Learn to Hula! - Makalina No Uke Needed

Learn a dance and then perform at the beginning of the Saturday evening concert.

Left-Hand Technique - Kimo Hussey All Levels

Learn how to play chords & chord progressions smoothly and efficiently.

Lei-Making - Debi Velasco No Uke Needed

Make a lei with real flowers!

Performance Skills & Playing with Confidence - Danielle Ate the Sandwich All Levels No Uke Needed

Learn techniques to help improve your performance, perform thoughtfully, develop a stage persona, and even get the chance to play in front of the class during the class mini open mic! This is a great chance for shy players to gain some experience in a fun and friendly environment.

Right-Hand Technique - Kimo Hussey All Levels

Learn two often-overlooked aspects of right-hand technique: Tempo & Dynamics.

Singing with the Ukulele - Danielle Ate the Sandwich Intermediate

Learn exercises and tips to improve your singing skills and work on easy chords and songs, to leave the focus on our breathing, phrasing and vocal skills!

Songwriting for the Uke - The Lords of Liechtenstein All Levels

Whether you have never written a song or you have written hundreds and want to hone your skills, you will find something to learn from this workshop. We'll cover the whole gamut, from topic choice, to chord progressions, to lyric writing, to rhyming, to the inclusion of humor. We'll finish the workshop by writing a short song together.

Uke 101 - Christine DeLeon Beginner

New to the uke? This is the place to start! In this workshop you'll create a solid foundation of basic open position chords in a few common keys and establish a solid rhythmic foundation for strumming.

Note: Workshops and worshop schedule subject to change.

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