Swingin' Tern Dances

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LOCATION: The First Presbyterian Church Parish House, 14 Hanover Road, East Hanover, NJ, a smoke & alcohol free environment

ADMISSION: $10 per adult, $5 per student with Student ID.

TIMES: Beginner’s workshop at 7:30 PM. Dance follows, 8 PM - 11 PM (unless otherwise indicated). Please carry in clean, soft-soled shoes for dancing. Non-dancing children must be supervised at all times. Dance at your own risk.

INFORMATION: (973) 295-6864 or send email to E-mail

What, you may be asking, is Contra Dancing? Watch the video at right and see our About page for a video and an explanation.

March 4: Diane Hartzell
Disheveled Wandering Stars: Annika Socolofsky - fiddle; Kirsten Erwin - flute, whistles; Keven Clifford - percussion; Doug Healy - guitar

Twinkle, Twinkle little Disheveled Wandering Stars, how I wonder where you are. Wonder no more! Disheveled Wandering Stars has gone super-nova at Swingin’ Tern! Starting with a Big Bang, their Titan tunes ride the solar winds before they collapse into a black hole. Whether calling celestial contras or syzygy triplets, Diane provides penumbra petronellas, heavenly heys and solar swings. Enjoy some Milky Ways and Crab Nebula at the break. It’s galactic!

March 18: Dave Rupp
Contra Rebels: Henry Koretzky - guitar; Todd Clewell - fiddle; Barb Schmid - fiddle

Rupp rounds up a randy retinue of Contra Rebels. You might be a Contra Rebel if . . .

if you plan your vacation schedule around NEFFA and ContraShock,

if you seek out the chaos contra line,

if you sleep eight to a room at Flurry,

if the majority of your Facebook friends are dancers,

if your self-identification fluctuates between larks, ravens, jets and rubies,

if thrift store clerks where you buy your dresses know you by name,

if dance fliers outnumber family photos on your refrigerator,

if you’ve just added the umpteenth entry to the latest controversy on Stuff Contra Dancers Say,

and you might be a Contra Rebel if you’d rather be at Swingin’ Tern than anywhere else.

April 1: Alexandra Deis-Lauby
Gotham Groove
April 15: Dan Black
Contrapositive: Matthew Christian - fiddle; Max Carmichael - guitar, bouzouki, flute; Joe De Paolo - drums
Bob Isaacs
Tempest: Tim Ball - fiddle; Chuck Abell - guitar; Eric Metzger - drums

Afternoon Advanced Contras & Grid Squares 4-6pm $10/$5 students

All-Level Evening Dance 8-11 $15/$10 students

May 20: Ridge Kennedy
June 3: Diane Silver
Gotham Gals