Swingin' Tern Dances

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LOCATION: The First Presbyterian Church Parish House, 14 Hanover Road, East Hanover, NJ, a smoke & alcohol free environment

ADMISSION: $10 per adult, $5 per student with Student ID.

TIMES: Beginner’s workshop at 7:30 PM. Dance follows, 8 PM - 11 PM (unless otherwise indicated). Please carry in clean, soft-soled shoes for dancing. Non-dancing children must be supervised at all times. Dance at your own risk.

INFORMATION: (973) 295-6864 or send email to E-mail

What, you may be asking, is Contra Dancing? Watch the video at right and see our About page for a video and an explanation.

April 4: Sharon Perrycontras
Tempest: Chuck Abel – guitar, mandolin; Tim Ball – fiddle; Eric Metzger – drums, percussion

Perry calls contras As You Like It while Tempest plays Measure for Measure. Escape your Hamlet and this long Winter’s Tale and have an early Midsummer Night’s Dream where Love’s Labour’s won’t be Lost. Don’t worry about a partner; perhaps you’ll meet one of Two Gentlemen of Verona or one of the Merry Wives of Windsor. You’ll have your pick of any Timon, Dick or several Henrys but you may find your Romeo or Juliet. If you miss this dance in a Comedy of Errors there will be Much Ado About Nothing. But if you Caesar the opportunity you’ll find that All’s Well That Ends Well.

April 18: Steve Whitecontras
Fingerplay: Lisa Bueno – fiddle; Helen White – flute; Jonathan Brandt – piano

White works his white magic with white hot contras as Fingerplay takes us on a white knuckle ride through a white squall of white lightning tunes that are anything but white noise. No need to wait for a white sale; wear your white tie, white gloves or tighty whities and you’ll leave feeling like a white knight.

May 2: Dave Ruppcontras
Squeezology: Dotty Moore – fiddle; Jody Kruskal – anglo concertina; Marnen Laibow-Koser - piano
May 16: Don Flahertycontras
Off’n Ensemble: Heidi Hammel – hammered dulcimer, english concertina; Steve Smith – guitar; Elliott Schmuckler – upright bass; Bob Yarbrough – flute, whistle, banjo, bodhran
June 6: Ken Gallcontras
Entwyned: Twy Bethard – fiddle, keyboard, foot percussion; John Paolillo – mandola, irish bouzouki, octave mandolin
June 20: Sue Duprécontras & squares
Wes and Friends: Adam Oleksa - violin; Jane Roberts - cello; Bob Stein - accordion; Wes Steenson - guitar
July 4: Joe DePaolocontras
Dance Therapy: Jody Kruskal - Anglo concertina; Marnen Laibow-Koser - piano; Bill Christophersen - fiddle
July 18: Ron Blechnercontras
Unbowed: Henry Koretzky - mandolin; Jamie O’Brien - guitar