Concert Window

Concert Window is a service that provides a means to make streaming video of live concerts and other events available to the public. Concerts are streamed live as they happen, and are not archived for later viewing. It is a pay-per-view service and the Folk Project charges a very nominal $2.00 to the viewer. But just as for those who attend the show live, we encourage you to pay what you think the show is really worth by adding a "tip" if you enjoy the show. Concert Window takes a moderate cut of the proceeds, and the balance is split equally between the headline act and the Folk Project. So anything you tip goes to support not only the artist, but the organization that is producing these concerts. For Folk Project Member Shows (those shows featuring a large number of FP Member performers instead of a headline act), the full amount remaining after Concert Window takes its share will support the Folk Project.

Almost every concert produced by the Folk Project in our regular venue of the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship will be webcast. These are generally held every Friday, year round, starting at 7:30 PM. There are a few exceptions: We do not webcast our Open Stages; there are some Fridays when we do not hold concerts due to holidays and on the weekends of our Getaways; or when the artist declines to have his or her concert webcast. We will occasionally hold a concert on a day other than Friday. Check for our schedule.

How to watch a concert on Concert Window

  1. Log into Concert Window

    • If you donít have a Concert Window account, go to and establish one. It's free. To do that, go to the "Log in" button at the upper right, and in the box where they ask you to sign in, there's also a link to "Sign up for free" - and create your account.

      Concert Window Home Page

      Concert Window Login/Signup Page

      Concert Window Signup Form

      Note: The Folk Project email list referenced in the above image is for Concert Window purposes only and will send you notices of upcoming webcasts. Not all of our shows will be streamed. If you would like to receive email notices about all of our live shows, whether or not webcast, you may sign up here for the Troubadour Tidings.

    • If you already have an account, click here, or click on any of the "Watch on Concert Window" buttons on our website and log in.

  2. Buy a ticket

    • If you arrive at the Folk Project concert window before the webcast starts, itíll look something like this:

      Concert Window Before Show Page

    • Buy a ticket by clicking on the Buy Ticket button Ė fill in your credit card info and take in the show. You will be charged $2.00.

    • If you arrive after the show has begun, there will be a free three minute preview after which youíll need to buy a ticket to see more of the show.

  3. Add a tip (optional).

    • At any time during the show, and as many times as you like, you can add a "tip" to express your appreciation of the show. Pay what you think the show is really worth.

      Concert Window Tip Page

    • If you feel so inclined, while you watch the show you can engage with other viewers and type comments into the chat stream. Join the community of on-line Troubadour fans.

    • Thatís about it! Enjoy the show.