Swingin' Tern Dances

Swingin' Tern is permanently changing its start time from 8pm to 7:30pm starting with the April 6th dance.   The beginners' lesson will be at 7pm followed by the dance from 7:30pm to 10:30pm.
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LOCATION: The First Presbyterian Church Parish House, 14 Hanover Road, East Hanover, NJ, a smoke & alcohol free environment

ADMISSION: $12 per adult, $5 per student with Student ID.
NOTE NEW START TIME: Beginner's workshop at 7:00 PM. Dance follows, 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM (unless otherwise indicated). Please carry in clean, soft-soled shoes for dancing. Non-dancing children must be supervised at all times. Dance at your own risk.

INFORMATION: (973) 535-3274 or send email to E-mail

What, you may be asking, is Contra Dancing? Watch the video at right and see our About page for a video and an explanation.

July 20: Bob Isaacs
Rhythmic Heart : Doug Healy – guitar, mandolin, djembe; Norma Castle – flute; Robin Russell - keyboard; Anna Bosnick - fiddle

I got rhythm, I got music
I got contras
Who could ask for anything more?
I got Isaacs and Rhythmic Heart
Tunes for dancin’
Who could ask for anything more?

Ol' Man Trouble I don't mind him
You won't find him on our floor.
I got dancin’, I got sweet swings
I got good friends
How could Tern do anything more?

August 3: Carl Levine
Helen White Trio: Helen White – flute; Anna Bosnick – fiddle; Robin Russell – keyboard
August 17: FREE DANCE
Dan Black
Unbowed: Henry Koretzy – mandolin; Todd Clewell – guitar

Free dance to celebrate Debbie Naha's birthday

September 7: Ben Sachs-Hamilton
Blue Jersey: Frank Ruck – mandolin and banjo; Louise McClure – fiddle; Ellen Ruck – guitar; John Burton – bass
September 21: Tavi Merrill
Smash the Windows: Bruce Young – guitar; Peggy Shutes – piano; Ryck Kaiser – fiddle
October 5: Tom Amesse
Gotham Gals: Julia Hartman – fiddle, Doug Healy – guitars, banjo, drum; Norma Castle – flute, percussion, Robin Russel – keyboard
October 19: Melanie Axel-Lute
Jody Kruskal Band: Jody Kruskal – Anglo concertina; Assorted Musicians
November 2: Alex Deis-Lauby
Cake Jam: Annie Edden – piano; Minda Cowen – fiddle; Matthew Christian – fiddle
November 16: Ridge Kennedy
Live Wire
December 7: DOUBLE DANCE
Peter Stix
Dead Sea Squirrels: Cathy Mason – fiddle; Craig Edwards – fiddle, banjo, mando; Henry Yoshimura – guitar
December 21: Sue Gola
Wry Bred: Julie Sorcek – flute, saxophone; Mickey Koth – fiddle; Robert Messore – guitar
Tuesday, December 31: NEW YEAR'S EVE DANCE
Donna Hunt
Atlantic Crossing: Viveka Fox - fiddle, bodhran, djembe; Peter Macfarlane - fiddle, low whistles, mandolin, feet, vocals; Rick Klein - guitars, vocals