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Aug 27, 2019

Susan Horowitz

singer-songwriter from the rocky coast of Maine, she has traveled all over North America to share her music and teach at congregations, homes, concert venues and conferences. Her music has been included in numerous publications and is used in worship in many communities. Sue's 3 Jewish CDs have their roots in liturgy, values, and Torah; Her recent folk CD draws influence from the singer-songwriter and American folk traditions. partnership wi/EJ Cohen, considered the premier ASL interpreter of Jewish musi


Aug 27, 2019

Randie O'Neil

With every word this NJ-based singer-songwriter's passion shines through. With her roots-inspired sound, she has independently released multiple albums, EPs, and singles over the years, and is soon to release her new set of songs. The I’m Not That Girl EP. O'Neil's storytelling comes from a sincere place, working as an adolescent intervention specialist brings a real-world perspective to her lyrics. Smooth and charming, Americana/Folk-Pop O'Neil puts her whole self into her writing and performances.