Agranoff, Mike


Mike Agranoff   Website folk, humor, musician, singer, singer songwriter, storyteller, traditional, and variety Engaging concert performer, playing guitar and concertina. A great mix of songs, tunes and stories, liberally sprinkled with humor. Contact: Mike Agranoff      973-335-9489 Sean & the Leprechaun / Princess & the Frog Poor Wayfaring Stranger

Babits, Jane


Jane Babits
classic, jazz, musical instruction, musician, singer, and variety

Singer/Songwriter/Classic guitarist & teacher/arranger/Jazz & standards. Solo set for many occasions combining many styles of songs & instrumental, from Dowland to original to Beatles to Cole Porter.

Contact: Jane Babits      212-861-7019

Betsy Rose


Betsy Rose and The Chicago Fire
acoustic, band, blues, electric, jazz, musician, pop, r&b, and singer

Saucy Blues & Playful Tunes. Female vocalist with electric lead, bass & rhythm guitars, drums & brass often add to the tremendous talent of the boys in the band. The Chicago Fire is really hot!

Contact: Elizabeth Lachowicz      908-230-2280

Deitz, Roger


Roger Deitz
acoustic, emcee, folk, humor, musician, singer, songwriter, and storyteller

Noted (nationally known) writer and performer. Sing Out! magazine columnist, feature writer and Advisory Board member. Premier music journalist for major music magazines such as Frets, Acoustic Guitar, Fast Folk and Billboard.. Repeat emcee and main stage performer at prestigious venues such as The Philadelphia Folk Festival for crowds as large as 10,000. Captivating Humorist; Excellent Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist and Banjo Player. Eclectic mix of songs with a unique personal style and charming, personable presence. 35 years experience.

Contact: Roger Deitz      973-731-0103
Sunday Blues

Deleon, Christine


Christine DeLeon
acoustic, contemporary, folk, inspirational, jazz, musician, singer, singer songwriter, songwriter, and variety

After a short listen to singer-songwriter Christine DeLeon, you might wonder how the voices of Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez and Judy Collins have been combined into one. Her performances are varied and adaptable sporting a wide vocal range and embracing many styles. Equally comfortable with her original songs of a reflective, humorous or storytelling nature as well as familiar sing-along tunes to inspire audience participation, Christine has all the tools to get any performance job done exceptionally well.

Contact: Christine DeLeon      201-446-5387
All of Our Neighbors
New Days

Early Music Players


The Early Music Players
baroque, early music, ensemble, medieval, musician, renaissance, singer, and unusual instruments

Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music, including Medieval chant, the slightly scandalous ditties of the English court, the haunting strains of Sephardic Music and 18th century courtly airs and dances. Voice, early flutes, recorders, gemshorn, krumhorn, vielle, rebec, viola da gamba, guitar, percussion.

Contact: Kris Lamb      201-259-4107
Ballet from Terpsichore
Variations on Puer Nobis Nascitur

The Eclectic Consort


The Eclectic Consort
Classical, ensemble, folk, musician, and singer

From classical to folk, from ancient to modern and from the sublime to the ridiculous. Repertoire include music that is out of the ordinary, such as works by obscure composers or familiar works in unusual settings. Instruments include recorders of all sizes, krummhorns, gemshorns, guitars, dulcimer, accordion, flutes, tin whistle and early and folk percussion.

Contact: John Lamb      201-874-7546
Da Slockit Light
Bach Badinerie

Sam Edelston


Sam Edelston
acoustic, folk, humor, musician, pop, rock, singer, songwriter, and variety

Sam fell in love with novelty songs, folk, country, rock & roll, symphonic classical music, guitar, banjo, and songwriting – all around the same time – and dulcimers just a little while later. The result is a multi-sided performer who is equally at home doing sophisticated humor for grown-ups, shout-alongs for kids, or an unpredictable variety of things on hammered and mountain dulcimers for the pure fun of it.

Contact: Sam Edelston      203-661-0503

Ken Galipeau

Lori Falco

Ken Galipeau
children's programs, humor, musician, singer, storyteller, and variety

Ken’s engaging performances include stories, poems and songs sung with guitar, drum, piano or a capella. Material is humorous and poignant, both for listening and participating. Whether you are a kid or an adult, all ages will be captivated by Ken’s telling, singing and playing. Programs can be tailored to audiences, themes, or both.

Contact: Ken Galipeau      862-432-2766
Fishin' with Ish
The Garden State