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Ralph Litwin
Host: Horses Sing None of It!
(973) 543-9779
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To: Potential Cable Viewers

Re: Getting "Horses Sing None of It!" on your local cable channel

The following suggestions may help bring this show to the public access channel of your local cable system:

  1. Find out the name of the "public access coordinator" at the local office from which you receive your cable. Sometimes it can help to call the Studio and/or Advertising Department if you can't seem to get through or no one seems to know.

  2. Contact that individual and express your interest in having "...Horses Sing None of It!" aired. An easy-going coordinator might just say "OK, have the producer contact me and start sending the series." If so, contact me and we are on our way.

  3. Sometimes they will leave your messages unanswered, try to keep you in the dark about the rules, or maybe they just don't know what the rules are themselves. You may have to tell them you want to become a cable access user (i.e., the local person responsible for the series being cablecast on your system), and to please send an application. In this case they may ask you to sign an agreement indemnifying them from any lawsuits (e.g. libel, slander, copyright infringement), and I will be glad to sign a similar agreement indemnifying you from same, should you so desire.

  4. The rules and hurdles vary with the system and personalities involved. Good natured persistence usually pays off.

  5. As a last resort, a letter to the Board of Public Utilities, Office of Cable Television, can work wonders.

Thanks for your interest and if you decide to go for it, let me know how you fare. I may have suggestions for overcoming any roadblocks you might encounter.

Good luck,
Ralph Litwin