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About The Folk Project Acoustic Getaway

About The Folk Project Acoustic Getaway

We are a friendly, all-volunteer community of musicians and music lovers. Families, singles and families are welcomed.

  • $259 pays for everything – an incredibly low nonprofit price.
  • Includes great food, comfortable lodging, concerts, workshops and activities.
  • Everything is weatherproof.
  • One hour from Morristown near the Tappan Zee Bridge at Stony Point Center in New York.
  • Workshops focus on entertainment, educations and self-expression. They are intimate and offer opportunities for musicians of all levels and listeners.
For Musicians
Photo of Acoustic getaway workshop participants
For Non-Musicians and Music Lovers
Photo of Getaway Workshop
For Families
Photo of family in canoe

Our Getaway has a wonderful new home, Stony Point Center in Stony Point, NY. The conference center offers beautiful grounds, better and more workshops spaces, a dedicated concert hall, farm-to-table food, and comfortable adult accommodations that include heating, air-conditioning, semi-private rooms, private showers, private restrooms, and adult beds with sheets, pillows, linens and blankets provided.

The Folk Project Acoustic Getaway is supported by a generous donation from the Martin Guitar Foundation.