The Birthday Show will consist of a series of performances by Folk Project members, grouped in randomly selected duos and trios that will take place at the Troubadour on Friday, August 2nd

Here’s how to take part in the show:

  1. YOU MUST BE A CURRENT FOLK PROJECT MEMBER  If your membership has lapsed or will lapse in July, you must renew.  Check your newsletter mailing label or inquire at if you’re not sure.  (And if you know a non-member musician who would like to take part, they can always join the Project.)
  2. THE SELECTION OF THE GROUPS (NEW THIS YEAR), To allow more time for people to sign up, the selection of groups will take place on Monday morning, July 8th.  All participants will be notified of their bandmates by email.  (See Paragraph 7 if you want to be in the show, but can’t make the picnic.)
  3. AS FAR AS MUSICAL ABILITY, That’s a matter of your own judgment.  If you’re reasonably comfortable in playing or singing a song in front of friends, well that’s what you’ll be doing.  I’ve seen otherwise amateurs rise to the occasion countless times.  If you sing, but do not play an instrument, that's cool.  Your bandmates can supply the accompaniment.  (See next paragraph, too.)  And for you more advanced musicians there is a great joy and satisfaction in using your skills to support a less experienced bandmate, and give back to the community that has been such a part of your musical life.
  4. YOU MAY ADD ADDITIONAL MEMBERS TO YOUR RANDOM GROUP at your choice, provided that these "ringers" are also current Project members, and that the originally randomly chosen people are featured as well as the ringers.
  5. YOU CAN BE IN AS MANY GROUPS AS YOU FEEL YOU CAN COMMIT TO. Simply enter as many times as the number of groups you wish to be in. One or two groups is common.
  6. THE DRAWING WILL BE DONE ON MONDAY, JULY 8TH. You will be notified of your bandmates early the following week.
  7. IF YOU REALLY CAN'T BE AT THE PICNIC but you want to be in the show, you can do that by emailing, or calling (973-335-9489) by end of day Sunday.  I’ll need to know your
    • Name
    • Phone
    • Email
    • City of residence
    • How many groups you want to be in
    • Also leave information on instruments you play or other musical skills. (sing harmony, etc.)

The other member(s) of your group will contact you to let you know who they are, and set up rehearsals.  However, please try to make the picnic. It’s a big advantage if you're there to get a head start in the choice of music and first rehearsal time.  Besides which, the picnic is great fun.

So that’s it.  I hope you can be part of this.  See you at the show and at the picnic.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at 201-650-6928 or

Mike Agranoff