All of our live venues are now back in action. Swingin' Tern has found a new venue - St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 200 Main Street, Chatham, NJ - and has resumed its normal schedule of two dances per month.  Our online-only events, including Streaming Tuesdays, Inside the Song, Songs That Sing To Me, and the Songwriters Circle will continue without interruption.

The current official CDC COVID condition levels (green/yellow/orange) for Morris County NJ may be looked up at

The following chart lists our current policies, by condition level and venue. While we attempt to publish the current condition level on our homepage, it may take us a few days to catch up when the CDC changes levels. Therefore you are advised to check the CDC link given above before attending.

All Venues Proof of Vaccination: Required
Masking: Required
See Venue Contacts below.
Troubadour Acoustic Concert Series Vaccination: Recommended but not required
Masking: Recommended but not required
Seating: Mask-required & Mask-optional sections
Folk Project Open Stage
Special Concerts
Acoustic Getaway
Vaccination: Recommended but not required
Masking: Recommended but not required
Swingin' Tern Dances Proof of Vaccination: Required
Masking: Optional in all dance lines

Swingin' Tern Notes:

Swingin' Tern Dances' mask policy is based on the current rating for Morris County from the CDC, which will be posted by 8pm on the Thursday before the dance. When the county rating is at the Green/Low or Yellow/Medium Level, masks will be optional in all dance lines. When the county level at Orange/High, masks will be required in all dance lines [N-95 equivalent or surgical masks]. At any dance, we may announce that masks are required in all lines. We will have extra masks at the ticket desk.

Remember to bring your vaccine card to show at the ticket desk. You will be turned away if you do not have a CDC Covid Vaccination card or approved record indicating you have been fully vaccinated for more than two weeks. Boosters are recommended.

We are maintaining a roster of dancers who have been vaccinated to speed admission at future dances. If you aren’t already on our vaccine list, you may expedite entry by sending an image of your Covid Vaccination card in advance to Doug at We will add your name to the roster. We are asking for email addresses should there be a need to contact you about an issue at the dance.

Please arrive early. We ask for your patience at check-in.

We will have some individually wrapped snacks for the break. You are welcome to bring your own snacks—if you plan to share, please make sure they are individually wrapped.

Please bring your own water bottle with your name on it [which can be refilled at the kitchen sink]. We will not be providing a punch bowl.