Photo of Chorus song night

Chorus Song Night

Note: Chorus Song Night this year falls a week earlier than its usual 1st Friday in December slot in order to make room for Jay Ungar & Molly Mason on December 1st.

Troubadour Acoustic Concert Series presents Chorus Song Night
Chorus Song Night
Photo of Chorus Song Night

Chorus Song Night is an evening of songs for you, the audience to sing.  A team of experienced songleaders will offer songs with choruses, some familiar, and others easily picked up, and songs that most folkies know already to one extent or the other.  We do this show unamplified so you can hear yourselves and each other as well as the songleaders on stage.  Raise your voices.  Add your harmonies.  If you like to sing, this is the night for you.

The songleaders:

  • Ken & Pat Rolston (Key figures in the Folk Project favorite quartet, WSAGNBSCALRME) hark back to the founding days of the Project. Their voices blend with the ease of two natural singers who have been singing together most of their lives. Their material ranges from acapella traditional ballads to swing to Randy Newman to whatever else suits their wide-ranging musical tastes. And the charming blend of Ken’s mad-wizard personna levened by Patsy’s tolerant sanity makes them a joy to experience onstage.
  • Hal Guitarist is a young singer who channels the songwriters who, at his age, formed the backbone of the socially conscious Folk movement of the early 60’s. From Woody Guthrie to Bob Dylan to Phil Ochs, he convincingly delivers the classic songs with the freshness and fervor of those early pioneers of the movement,.
  • Pete & Bernie DeMaio are regulars and favorites among the participants of the Folk Project’s “Songs that Sing to Me” online Monday Night songswap. They are beloved by the participants for their beautifully blending harmonies and country and pop repertoire.
  • Mike Agranoff:  Program Chairman of the Troubadour with a vast repertoire of chorus songs of all sorts, some original, some gleaned, some humorous, and some serious.


Nov 24 2023


7:30 pm




Morristown U. U. Fellowship
21 Normandy Heights Rd, Morristown NJ