Photo of Christine Lavin

Christine Lavin with Shanna in a Dress

Troubadour Acoustic Concert Series presents Christine Lavin with Shanna in a Dress
Christine Lavin
Photo of Christine Lavin
College Fight Song for Sesquipedalians

Christine Lavin is the Folk World’s long-reigning Queen of the Intelligently Absurd. The title of one of her earlier albums, “I Don’t Make This Stuff Up, I Just Make It Rhyme” says it all.

She has an eye for the ironic and the absurd in the news and everyday life, and puts it into song. And dresses it all up in skillful guitar work, electronic loops, and wonderful gimmicks like baton twirling. She’s irrepressible, and ya gotta love her.

Shanna in a Dress
Photo of Shanna in a Dress
Daddy's Little Girl

Shanna in a Dress is your quirky best friend who refuses to wear pants. She says what everyone is thinking, but no one else will say. And you’ll get an uncensored journey of clever humor and heartbreak, with a hefty side of entertainment at her shows. This witty wordsmith is known for making her audiences laugh and cry, sometimes in the same song. Think Jason Mraz mixed with Ingrid Michaelson with a twist of Phoebe Buffay from Friends, all wrapped up in a sweet voice accompanied by guitar, piano, and ukulele.


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Nov 19 2021


7:30 pm




Morristown U. U. Fellowship
21 Normandy Heights Rd, Morristown NJ