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Deb Seymour

Streaming Tuesdays presents Deb Seymour
Deb Seymour
Photo of Deb Seymour

Deb Seymour is a born goofball and entertainer. Whimsical & heartfelt, her off-beat songs about hitch-hiking chickens, tango-dancing Martians, culpable canines, broken hearts, and home repair manuals with clever turns of phrase and all-encompassing musicality are reminiscent of Christine Lavin, Tom Lehrer, and Broadway. 

Seymour plays house concerts, cafes and folk festivals. In 2020, having never paid much attention to social media, she jumped into the deep end and now live streams regularly from “Deb’s Den” on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, gaining new fans -and a whole lot of emojis- weekly!


Jul 05 2022


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Online only