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Frank & Hank
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A Frank & Hank performance is the opportunity to listen in on an intimate musical conversation between two exquisite guitarists, Frank Sole and Henry Nerenberg – artists who love their instrument, love their music, and love each other.  Their performance is personal, nuanced, fascinating, and insightful.
Frank & Hank’s music spans the continents, the centuries, and all sorts of genre, but it is their shows that are consistently bound by a thoughtful, emotional and creative connection that is unique and absorbing. You may hear a mainstream standard, followed by a centuries-old classical piece, followed by a cowboy song or a novelty ditty. It all flows together because every tune is connected by a musical sensibility that is common to and shared by these masterful artists. They pull you into each song because their magic is inside the arrangement, the arc of a solo or the delicious harmonies. Audiences tend to lean forward at Frank & Hank concert as if they’re trying to capture every note in a solo or understand the mysteries of a particularly gorgeous chord. That’s impossible. It’s too much to absorb. Lean back and let their sound wash over you. It’s an experience well worth your musical while.


Jun 07 2022


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Online only