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Glen Roethel

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Glen Roethel
Photo of Glen Roethel
“No Problems Today”

Glen Roethel is an award-winning singer-songwriter, accompanist (guitar and vocal), popular entertainer, and music producer. Blending influences from thousands of pop, folk, jazz, and rock songs in his repertoire, Roethel delivers a unique one-man-band sound to his own tender ballads, personal memoirs, light-hearted tunes, and soaring anthems which grace three self-produced solo CDs plus recordings for other artists. Whether performing solo, in ensemble with his acoustic trio, Us!, or accompanying Sloan Wainwright, his rich baritone-tenor voice and “Angel” Gibson guitar complement perfectly. Roethel teaches guitar and performance at some of the nation’s leading music retreats including David Roth’s Cape Cod Songwriters Retreat, Cosy Sheridan’s Moab Folk Camp and The Song Sessions, and the emPower Music Festival.


May 14 2024


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Online only