Photo of Robin Schaffer

Robin Schaffer & the Bland

Streaming Tuesdays presents Robin Schaffer & The Bland
Robin Schaffer & The Bland
Photo of Robin Schaffer & The Bland

Robin Schaffer’s music is about family, friends, good times, hard times, fun times, social justice, and goofing off. She’s a top-notch songwriter who first made her place in the folk music world by producing the Folk Project Acoustic Getaway and a wide range of concerts, workshops, and music parties out of “The Schafferosa,” a home she shares happily with family, friends, musicians of all genre, and her husband Mark. The Bland is Todd Dennison, John Hone, Joel Glassman, and Mark Schaffer – a bunch of ordinary white guys who, besides being barely visible, happen to love making great music and backing up their unique and dynamic leader.


This is a fundraiser for Ukrainian Relief!



May 31 2022


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Online only