Photo of Sally Rogers

Sally Rogers with Kathy Moser

Troubadour Acoustic Concert Series presents Sally Rogers with Kathy Moser
Sally Rogers
Photo of Sally Rogers

Sally Rogers is one of the most recognized voices in the Folk world. She moves audiences to tears and laughter with her infectious energy and wicked sense of fun. Her songs, “Lovely Agnes”, “Circle of the Sun”, and “Love Will Guide Us” have come to be standards in the folk repertoire. And her crystal-clear voice paired with soul-stirring ballads, messages of hope and familiar folk classics are sure to please.

Kathy Moser
Photo of Kathy Moser

With an engaging stage presence, a positive attitude, and some nifty guitar work, Kathy Moser uses her music to help make this world a better place to live.


Oct 29 2021


7:30 pm




Morristown U. U. Fellowship
21 Normandy Heights Rd, Morristown NJ