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Tom Chapin

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Tom Chapin
Photo of Tom Chapin
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Tom Chapin, a Hudson Valley Troubadour, boasts a six-decade career with 27 albums and 3 GRAMMYs. A folk luminary and children’s music pioneer, he’s mastered Broadway, TV, and film. From the Chapin Brothers in the 1960s to the Emmy-winning kids’ show “Make A Wish” and documentaries, his versatility shines. His recent “Mornings with Papa Tom” streamed 200 live concerts during the pandemic. Since 1976, Chapin’s solo career blossomed, producing albums marked by storytelling prowess. His 2023 Earth Day re-release, “This Pretty Planet,” underscores his commitment to environmental advocacy. A dynamic musical force, accomplished children’s book author, and advocate for social justice and arts in education, Chapin’s enduring impact is indelible.


Sep 26 2023


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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