Member Events

Events open at no additional charge to all members of The Folk Project. Check your newsletter for the exact location.

Upcoming Dates

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We celebrate The Folk Project’s first show back in July of 1975 with one our most fun, wonderful, and diabolical shows of the year: our annual Birthday Show. Random duos and trios of musicians and singers were chosen on July 4th, and they’ve spent the month coming up with new songs. The synergy of the surprise pairings of friends (old and new) with varied styles always results in a great show.

Halloween Show - Location: .

Folk Project member musicians celebrate Halloween in song, story, and costume.  Details to follow.

Holiday Benefit Show - Location: .

Folk Project member musicians perform songs of the holidays.  All proceeds go to the Morristown Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.  Details to follow.

Folk Project member musicians regale you with songs of love in all its aspects.  Details to follow.