Solidarity Singers of the NJ Industrial Council


Solidarity Singers of the NJ Industrial Council
americana, chorus, musician, political, singer, and topical

We are a street chorus dedicated to support of the labor movement and progressive causes. We appear on picket lines, at rallies, on marches and at demonstrations of all sorts as well as in coffee houses or concert settings. Although we rehearse often, we are loosely organized. At a typical engagement 10-12 of us will appear to sing, generally accompanied by a single acoustic guitar, some percussion and occasional props. Our primary inspirations are The Almanac Singers, Joe Hill and the many other contributors to the “Little Red Songbook.” Our repertoire includes many newly-composed songs and parodies along with classic and traditional songs of the Left. Our motto: “We don’t all read music, but we all know which side we are on.” We have one cd, Solidarity It Can’t Be Beat!

Contact: Bennet Zurofsky      973-642-0885