Photo Specifications

  • Maximum fle size: 5 MB,     
  • Preferred Width 600 to 1200 pixels,     
  • Minimum width 300 pixels,     
  • Maximum Height 150% of actual width,     
  • Minimum Height 67% of actual width


In landscape mode, composition should keep important elements away from right and left edges because a bit of each side sometimes gets cut off to fit available width onscreen. This is not an issue in portrait mode.

Naming convention is 20200807_agranoff-mike_900x600.jpg for a 900 pixel wide by 600 pixel tall jpg of Mike Agranoff for a show on Aug. 7, 2020. Only pnj, jpg or gif files allowed. Full details below under Anatomy of a good Folk Project filename.

Upload Instructions

  1. Select files for upload - Drag and drop your files into the black bar below, or click on the black bar to use your computer's standard file picker.
  2. Upload selected files - Click on the Submit photo(s) button. If all goes well, you will get a success message. Reload this page if you realize you have more to upload.
  3. Need help? - Email